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Shindig Weekender Review

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Shindig field at sundown, photo taken by tony jupp
Shindig main arena. Photo credits to Tony Jupp

Shindig will always hold a special place in my heart. I went to the second ever Shindig in 2015 to support my friend whose band had been invited to play. If you were there, you may remember me as the overexcited man-child maneuvering people towards the tent they were playing at as I attempted to get my friends a crowd worth its name during their saturday midday set.

Being the first festival of my young life, I of course came completely unprepared, sleeping in a friend’s tent without a mat or sleeping bag, freezing as I finally learned that the purpose of the mat wasn’t simply comfort but also to insulate you from the cold, hard ground. For food, I was living off Sainsbury’s basic biscuits and a handful of Jamaican Patties. However, despite this, I’ve come back to this bewitching little festival every year since and each time have left with a smile on my face, anxious to travel again to the Somerset countryside again next year.

At this point whilst writing this section, I was stuck as to what to say. It is hard to illustrate exactly how magical this small gem is. From the moment you arrive you are plunged into a joyous sort of atmosphere as a man that I could best describe as Jack Sparrow with a guitar welcomes you to this land that will be your home for the next few days. From that moment on, you forget all about the problems of the outside world. The security and volunteers treat you like family as you pass through the gates (at a speed other festivals could learn from!) and you enter a land where I have yet to find someone I dislike. In fact, this is probably the strongest asset of this festival. It is impossible to come here without making a handful of friends. The festival may not have the same big name artists as some of its competitors but I’ll take a friendly vibe and an intimate stage over a sea of people any day! And the music is nothing to scoff at either! Just come down and discover the magic for yourself and come back with a shazam full of new artists for you to discover.

I should also make a note of the family friendly aspect of the festival. This is the one festival I could imagine bringing a child of my own. The kid area is lovely (want a kid of my own just so I can get into the kids kingdom) and there are endless crafts and activities to keep kids and adults happy.

Whilst the festival has progressively grown since the first time I’ve been there, the atmosphere has yet to deteriorate. I’ve come again this year (2019) making it my fourth shindig in a row to discover new stages and a larger arena but the vibe that makes this festival magical remains the same. The people are just as friendly and the festival has yet to lose the charm that makes it so special. It remains one of my favourite festivals and one I look forward to every year.

Buy Tickets:

Tickets for 2020 have already gone up and are selling fast! I would definitely recommend getting yourself a cheap one before the prices go up.

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